Today’s Thought [Aug 4, 2011]

I can never quite get how people allow themselves to be caged in, by expectations, fears, obstacles and any such wall builder that creates a box into which one is confined.
Furthermore I can never quite get how people just sink inside and become a part of the mold, it’s like they’re more comfortable being defined, led, controlled.
I’m a different breed, always willing to fight the world on traditional thinking, shatter preconceptions of how I should or shouldn’t be. I’ve never been easily influenced by others do’s & don’ts, I’ve always loved to color outside the lines. For me it’s easier to be outside of the box than in it, if that makes sense. Isn’t it easier to set your own goals, make your own mark and just BE, than it is to model yourself off an already created image. That’s how it is for me!
I chose my destiny, screw you and your box!

-Tiffany Tilman

Yeezy taught me, be the greatest!